Late-Night Package Delivery or Something Else? Benton Neighborhood on Alert

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Persistent late night knocking on a woman’s door has a Bossier Parish neighborhood on edge. Was it truly an attempted package delivery so late — or an attempted home invasion?

The story unfolds on the Neighbors app.

“At about 9:45 last night, someone went to my sister’s house ringing the door bell several times and knocking on her door,” a post entitled ‘Late night Fedex?’ reads. “After she heard a car drive off, [she found] a Fedex tag was left on her door.”

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A call to the Fedex office revealed that the company doesn’t run delivery routes after 8:00 p.m, according to the social network post labeled ‘suspicious.’

And worse yet:

“The tag number was also invalid!” the post adds. “Very scary so be careful for anyone else this happens to!”

The incident occurred on Jamestowne Blvd in Benton Monday night, according to the report.

UPDATED: This article has been corrected. The incident occurred in a Benton neighborhood, not in Bossier City as previously reported.