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With our self-service model, we take the hassle out of advertising. No salesman will call (unless you invite us to stop by) and there are no contracts to sign.

You make a one-time, one-month commitment — or choose how long you would like your ad to continuously run. Everything can be handled by email (, or if you prefer, with a local phone call to (318) 286-1997.

BossierNow advertising rates

31-day guaranteed impressions | total cost

15,000 | $105
30,000 | $210
60,000 | $420
100,000 | $700

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Complete the form below or call (318) 286-1997 to get started now.

BossierNow reserves the right to refuse or reject any ad or advertiser.

Political advertising is limited to campaigns with 31-day impressions of 60,000 or less. Payment in advance is required for all political campaigns.

Rates are commissionable to recognized advertising agencies.

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Bossier City advertising: simple and affordable

People used to get their news from a paper, listen to music on the radio and watch funny videos on TV. Now they get all of that and more from their smartphone.

In fact, people spend much more time on their digital devices than television and radio combined — and print barely even registers.

Advertise where the people are

BossierNow is the #1 local news source in Bossier City and Bossier Parish (based on SEMRush SERP rankings, August 22, 2019).

Locally owned and operated, BossierNow is built for small businesses in Bossier. We’re affordable and have a rapidly expanding, engaged readership of Bossier City and Parish residents.

Our active users are predominantly aged 25-64 and live right here in Bossier. More than 80% of them are engaging with BossierNow via a mobile device.  That means your advertising message is in their hands when they are making buying decisions.