DA: BCPD Shooting of Scissors Wielding Woman Was Justified [BODY CAM VIDEO]

DA: BCPD Shooting of Scissors Wielding Woman Was Justified [BODY CAM VIDEO]

An investigation by the Bossier City Police Department and a subsequent review by the Bossier Parish District Attorney’s Office have determined a shooting involving a Bossier City police officer on October 25, 2019 was justified.

At 5:45 a.m. on October 25, 2019, Bossier City Police officer Patrick Edmonds, Jr., responded to a complaint of a disorderly person at 309 Preston Boulevard, the LaQuinta Inn.

Edmonds encountered 45-year-old Shannon Rupert of Shreveport who brandished a pair of scissors while on a phone in the lobby of the hotel.


“The officer gave multiple verbal commands to Rupert to put down the weapon,” a BCPD release says. “Rupert then aggressively approached the officer with scissors in hand.”

Authorities say the officer fired two rounds from his department issued handgun striking Rupert in the upper torso. Rupert was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced deceased.

Below are two videos of the incident, from the body cam of the officer and hotel surveillance video. Warning: The video contains graphic language.

In a letter releasing his findings, District Attorney J. Schuyler Marvin said, in part:

“Based on all the evidence reviewed, it is my firm opinion that no crime was committed by the officer as his actions constituted justifiable homicide. The circumstances confronting this officer were such that a reasonable belief existed that he was in imminent danger of losing his life or suffering great bodily harm, and the discharge of his firearm was necessary for the prevention of a possibly lethal threat.”

DA Marvin’s letter continues:

“Particularly helpful was video from the location and the officer’s bodycam. The deceased appeared highly animated and erratic in the time period preceding the officer’s arrival as she refused to leave the non-public area of the business and armed herself.

“Those actions continued after the officer arrived, and the deceased continued to grasp and brandish a scissors and knife. The officer distanced himself from the deceased on the other side of the hotel front-desk. In response [to] the officer’s clear instructions to drop her weapon, the deceased used racial epithets and told the officer that he would have to shoot her before she complied. The officer can be heard to calmly radio for assistance, even while the deceased makes advances from behind the deck in the officer’s direction.

“The officer conveyed a clear, concise warning of what would happen if the deceased continued to approach while armed. In immediate response to the officer’s warning, the deceased raised both arms while holding the scissors and moved towards the officer within a distance that appeared to be no more than seven and possibly five feet when the officer fired two shots, in immediate succession. The deceased’s intent of movement toward the officer is certain as her momentum continues to carry her forward even after she is shot. The events described herein happened much more quick than described.”

Edmonds was placed on administrative leave following the shooting. BCPD says that he will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation by the Internal Affairs Division for possible violations of departmental policy.


25 thoughts on “DA: BCPD Shooting of Scissors Wielding Woman Was Justified [BODY CAM VIDEO]”


    1. They dont shoot to kill. Legs have the largest artery in the body. It’s not a safe area to shoot somebody, and it doesnt necessarily incapacitate someone (you would have to break bike, sever a nerve, or destroy tendons), and it’s hard to hit. That’s literally the “I dont know anything, have never studied self defense, and dont care even enough to learn basics of deadly force, but I’m going to smh when it happens because i just know…” response.

      I’m a police officer. The reason this was justified is because it was not an unreasonable use of force. Use a dictionary if you need to understand “unreasonable.”

      1. ray, we have two big problems

        1) you guys (police) are all trained in the israeli method of shooting us (non-police) and controlling us instead of protecting us
        2)) america is out of control on drugs and the police exist to regulate it, instead of stopping it

  2. Somebody really gonna tell me that big ole boy couldn’t handle a 45yo woman with a pair a scissors? Lol. He might wanna think about getting into a new line of work. Dude, go sell some tennis shoes or something

    1. So you mean to tell me that the cop that killed 9 yr old Tamir rice couldn’t handle a kid. Man stfu. She got what she deserved. Period.

      1. 12 years old….. WITH A F*&$%NG GUN. They had no way of knowing he was pointing a bb gun at them. Kids his age have shot people before.

  3. Its obvious she was a meth head. It’s crazy the same people who states that the police are justified by killing unarmed blacks are the same douches that’s complaining about a police killing an incoherent meth head with scissors that is charging at him and not complying. That superior complex got her killed. What happened to we got your back people. Oh I see the cop was black. Smh.

    1. I have heard zero people say she didn’t deserve it. She did. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. He was well within his rights.

  4. She was jacked up on meth for sure but then again why did he have to shoot to kill why not shoot her legs out from under her. Did it have anything to do with her being white an him colored What would be happiening if she was black an he white there might be a riot. The whole problem is there is not enough training being done Why not shoot the WEAPON out of her hands like they did in old days or again bust her ass in the legs. Even after she was shot he is saying drop the scissors. Just don’t think she deserves to die

  5. What ever happened to police carrying a baton? One simple swing and you take the SCISSORS out of play and subdue her. He must be 6-3” 200lbs plus . With all his protective clothing the chance of SCISSORS going though are slim to none. We now hire and train police to kill first then figure it out, they can’t think for themselves on how to assess and determine proper response . Very Sad.

  6. A widow, a mother, a daughter – services for Shannon Rupert were held this morning. Of all his options, Officer Patrick Edmonds chose to shoot this woman. to death. His first choice should have been to deescalate this incident. He could have utilized a Taser first to disable her long enough to disarm and cuff her, especially since he is much bigger and stronger. He could have retreated, waited for backup officers to arrive, and waited. As a group they then could have disarmed her. But no, he chose instead to be a lone cowboy and shoot her to death. The stated mission of the Bossier City Police is to save life and property. I don’t think in his sworn oath that Officer Patrick Edmonds said, ” I swear to defend my life first, and that of citizens second…” The DA may have cleared him, and we’ll see if their Internal Affairs department finds any violation of the Bossier City Police policies and procedures. Police policing themselves ? Perhaps a more independent LA State Police investigation is warranted in this case. Stay tuned….

    1. He did a great job at protecting other potential victims. He did try to talk with her first. She did run at him with the scissors. Was she trying to kill him? If you don’t know that then neither did he. Instead of placing blame why not just pray for the families involved. Anger won’t bring her back.

    2. I bet you don’t say this about all the blacken who are shot. I bet you say they deserved it. No this lady was charging him with scissors, she deserved it.

  7. You, honest American taxpayers, are being shot for your money, but you are silent, with their tongues in their asses. Are you a nation of victims forever?

    What will you do when your mother, wife or child is shot dead like this just on the grounds that the dirty bribe cop has the belief that your loved ones are threatening his life?

  8. Bosier’s authorities claim that the policeman fired 2 shots at the upper body of Shannon Rupert, however, in the second video provided by the authorities, it is clearly visible that the shooting was aimed aiming at the stomach, as a result of which the offender made a somersault forward through her head, which could not have happened when shooting at chest. Those. the policeman’s goal was not to stop the crime, but to intentionally kill on the basis of racial hatred, which the district prosecutor in the person of district attorney J. Schuyler Marvin is diligently trying to hush up.

  9. Great effing Job officer. Keeping the same energy that his white counterparts have for black ppl. It’s acceptable for white cops to drop black kids and adulta and no one cares but this privileged crackhead gets sympathy when she was in the wrong. He has family to get home to. Good job buddy.

  10. This was an unnecessary execution. A whack with a baton to the side of her head and she’s down for the count. No Baton? Wrestle her stupid self to the floor and take the scissors. I’m 66 years old and I could have disarmed her without killing her. Too many people are dying at the hands of overzealous police officers (think young black men). Race, gender, sexual orientation, level of craziness, or what one had for dinner last night are not justifications for taking a life.

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