The Bossier-only news app

Facebook decides what Bossier City and Bossier Parish news you see. The social network’s algorithms — a proprietary set of calculations — constantly tweaks your news feed to deliver what it wants you to see.

It decides if one news story or another deserves your attention. Some stories are blocked, while others are favored. Facebook relies on a set of “signals” to make these decisions.

But you don’t have to read just the news that Facebook thinks is important to you.

With the new BossierNow app, you can get your Bossier news straight from the source.

And unlike the TV news guys, we won’t send you “breaking news” notifications from Swampfoot, Arkansas or Deadcow, Texas. Or promo alerts that the Oscars are on tonight.

You’ll just get Bossier news alerts and information relevant to living right here in Bossier. Plus a constantly updated calendar of Bossier City area events.

Download it now from the Apple app store — or for Android devices, from Google Play. Search for BossierNow (one word).