Bossier City Council to Consider Property Tax Election

Bossier City Council to Consider Property Tax Election

The Bossier City council teed up the possibility of a special election for a property tax in an announcement at Tuesday’s meeting.

There was no discussion regarding the proposed tax, as the proposition will be formally introduced at the council’s meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Property taxes, renewal or otherwise, have not been met with favor by Bossier Parish and Bossier City voters in recent months. In May, voters overwhelmingly rejected two property tax propositions, one to fund a teacher pay raise, the other for school technology.


In October, a property tax dedicated to the Cypress-Black Bayou Recreational Area was also soundly defeated.

The announcement made at the council meeting said:

“Notice is hereby given that at its meeting to be held Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 3:00 PM at its regular meeting place, Municipal Complex, City Council Chambers, 620 Benton Road, Bossier City, Louisiana, the City Council of the City of Bossier City, State of Louisiana, plans to consider adopting a Resolution ordering and calling an election to be held in the City of Bossier City, State of Louisiana, to authorize the renewal or continuation of an Ad Valorem Tax therein.”


11 thoughts on “Bossier City Council to Consider Property Tax Election”

  1. Just wrote my check for taxes to the City. We do not need more taxes. They seem to have plenty to spend on parks. No more taxes. I

  2. We are some of the highest TAXED in the state! All about voting ya’ll ALL out, getting people who listen to the people who put you in office. THINK OF HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WILL WAIST ON A SPECIFIC BALLOT, FOR IT TO FAIL AGAIN!

  3. Keep an eye open for me. I’ll be throwing my hat into the ring next local election. Taxes are too high now, and appropriating them to commercial businesses is not what they should be used for. Taxes are to fund the city/parish operations, and improvements, not businesses. I have not seen public records of city/parish financial records, but suspect numbers do not match up. When I served as elected Secretary Auditor in Hellam Township, PA, I was able to see the inputs, outflows and profitable investment opportunities. I now want to see the accurate accounting of the City/Parish to improve the local future.

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