Ask BossierNow: What Happened to the North Bossier YMCA?

What Happened to the North Bossier YMCA?

Two years after a feasibility study and more than a year since architectural designs were released to the public, the prospect of a North Bossier YMCA seems faint.

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What happened to the North Bossier YMCA?

The City of Bossier City spent $70,000 on the study, then announced that the new facility “could be up to 15,000 square feet bigger than the 70,000 square-foot” Shreveport BHP Billiton YMCA.

Seems the entire effort was a trial balloon — a marketing effort attempting to lure an investor to foot the bill for the fitness facility.


“They’re still very much interest in coming [to Bossier] and we’re very interested in having them come,” Mayor Lo Walker told BossierNow. “But basically, the funding is always a big deal, so that hasn’t been resolved yet. We thought there might be somebody with deep pockets that might want naming rights but that hasn’t happened, either.”

But the mayor is still optimistic.

“We’ve been talking about this more than 20 years,” the mayor added. “We thought it might happen sooner. I think ultimately it will be done, but it’s going to take a spell.”

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